I’m Lauren Leone….

✦ Hairstylist
✦ Salon Owner
✦ Beauty Entrepreneur Coach

Things I love…..

✦ Shoes
✦ A weekend in NYC
✦ My fur baby Sophie
✦ Deep diving into my human design as a Projector
✦ Helping salon guests achieve happier hair
✦ Guiding beauty entrepreneurs to a happier career

Keep reading to get to know me even more! :)




With 20 years of experience behind the chair, there is nothing I love more than creating a customized salon experience for every guest that walks through the doors of Lock&Hue.

I am always combining my foundational coloring and hair cutting skills with modern industry techniques to provide every guest with a unique visit tailored to their specific hair goals.   Beautiful blonding sessions, modern customized color and dry cutting for texture and shape are my specialties and what I love doing most!

Another thing you should know about me is that I am passionate about pursuing the latest education in the beauty industry to continue elevating my salon experience.  Some of my most impactful trainings have been with

✦  Mane Ivy & Dom Dom Hair
✦  Pretty Little Ombre
✦  901 Salon
✦  Shannon Ra
✦  Briana Cisneros

My goal is for every client to leave the salon with a big smile and a glance in the mirror saying I love my hair so much! My mantra for our time together is always YOUR HAIR IS MY HAPPY


As a salon owner, I thrive on the collective energy of the hair stylists at Lock & Hue (where you can find me working behind my chair and behind the scenes). I love being a part of a community of stylists that each has their own niche, but together share the drive and passion to provide the best service to every guest. 

Running a small business is a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year job, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world. Daily salon operations are some of my favorite tasks that I never knew I would love so much! Accounting, budgeting, and maintaining a beautiful salon environment for every guest are just a few of my to-do’s. 

Wanna know more about what it takes to create your own salon or beauty business? I am just an email away :)


In the last few years, I found myself wanting to help others based on my experiences as a hairstylist, salon owner and independent beauty entrepreneur. Thus, coaching with the Happier Hairstylist was born. My passion is to help beauty professionals transform their career and inevitably their lives by implementing systems and strategies that provide freedom and fulfillment. I love being the guide that shows the big picture of possibility while identifying the smaller steps necessary to achieve goals and aspirations. Head over to my coaching section to learn more about how to work with me as your happier hairstylist coach.

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